Chrome vs. Firefox

Just as Chrome has its jumping the shark moment* Microsoft moves to Chromium engine…they don’t have any luck with browsers since 1995 😉

I’m migrating to Firefox…

(*) So what’s wrong with Chrome?

  • removing Adblocker API
  • flagging slow sites
  • hiding parts of the current URL in the address bar – protocol + „www.“ are no longer shown. This can be fixed:
    1. goto chrome://flags
    2. Search UI Hide.
    3. Disable these 3.
  • this might be controversial: promoting encryption (HTTPS) in an aggressive way as this is per se a good measure for websites with data entry but is also a burden for website owners.

Many turn to centralized services like AMP by Google and CloudFlare to encrypt their website and make it faster. So these measures weaken an independent web and strengthen big corporations like Google.