Magento and timezones

Today i had the issue that after dumping and importing a Magento Database from one instance of MySQL into another one the order dates got transported 2 hours into the future. How come?!? Investigation and testing showed that the source database was running with timezone „GMT“ aka „UTC“ aka +00. The target database was running […]

Today i corrupted MySQL…here’s how

If you want to change MySQL setting innodb_log_file_size to improve performance the top answer on stack overflow says you have to delete the redo log in /var/lib/mysql/ib_logfile* so that MySQL creates it with the new size. Before deleting you obviously shutdown mysql. But a normal shutdown of MySQL is a fast shutdown which might leave […]

Chrome vs. Firefox

Just as Chrome has its jumping the shark moment* Microsoft moves to Chromium engine…they don’t have any luck with browsers since 1995 😉 I’m migrating to Firefox… (*) So what’s wrong with Chrome? removing Adblocker API flagging slow sites hiding parts of the current URL in the address bar – protocol + „www.“ are no […]

Docker in production

Use option userland-proxy=false to avoid having a separate docker-proxy process per mapped port from a container to host. Somehow this option survived with default true into Docker 18.09. It even isn’t documented anymore: Docs for Docker 17.09 still had a section about option userland-proxy and a good explanation how it works. This page even mentions […]

Suprises in software development

Sometimes software development can be quite surprising. For example, one day you get confused because code you wrote doesn’t run as expected. You think about it some time and find a workaround but still can’t explain why it ran unexpectedly. Because you got other work to do you postpone thinking about it further. Then the […]

Microsoft announces WSL 2

In an exciting move Microsoft announces WSL2 for Windows 10 as a successor for WSL – Windows Subsystem for Linux. WSL2 uses a real Linux kernel to be able to run native Linux executables on Windows. The announcement mentions key features of WSL2 such as „dramatic file system performance increases” „you can run more Linux […]

Tuning for Docker on Mac

Install Ubuntu 😉 Seriously: In a project all developers using a Mac had poor performance compared to those using a Ubuntu Linux system. While Docker per se is a Linux technology and obviously runs best on Linux the runtimes on Mac were way too slow to be acceptable. So we began research to optimize performance […]

Rsnapshot auf Synology DSM

Ich nutze gerne das Backup-Tool rsnapshot, weil es einfach und zuverlässig funktioniert. Das erzeugte Backup ist platzsparend (via Nutzung von hard links) und erlaubt trotzdem sofortigen Zugriff auf Dateien ohne vorheriges zeitraubendes Entpacken. Für Offsite-Backups bietet sich ein Synology NAS an, weil es gut funktioniert und sehr zuverlässig ist. Auf der Synology ist rsnapshot nicht […]